Our Services

Case Management

Case Management is the cornerstone of our Community Support program. Each client is assigned a case manager who is responsible for managing his or her individual services. Duties of Case Management include:

  • Preparing the Personal Centered Plan
  • Assessing Needs and Coordinating Services
  • Linking Clients to Required Services
  • Response to Crisis
  • Weekly Face-to-Face Meetings
  • General Advice and Counseling.

Our case managers are educated, trained and experienced to handle our clients’ needs. Advanced Placement also has access to resources and contacts at additional programs to ensure needs are met.

Therapy and Counseling

At Advanced Placement BHHS, we are dedicated to improving our clients’ lives in their community and at home. To best accomplish this goal we offer three levels of therapeutic treatment:

  • Individual Therapy – Individual sessions typically consist of weekly meetings with a counselor to focus on personal changes in attitude and behavior.
  • Group Therapy– Group Therapy operates under the principle that no one lives in isolation and that often problems people face are shared struggles that others may have faced or are currently facing. We offer groups that are focused on various issues that are present in the lives of clients. Group therapy sessions are offered in our office and at the Group Home.
  • Substance Abuse Counseling – Substance Abuse Counseling is available to help our clients work though addiction and the common issues associated with continued substance abuse.

We are invested in providing the best care to our clients, so all of our therapists on staff are qualified, licensed and equipped to handle client concerns.

Diagnostic Assessment

Before you can solve any problem you must diagnose the root cause of the issue. We use the diagnostic assessment as the first step in our community support process to begin to reveal underlying issues. Diagnostic Assessments are performed by a Licensed Professional Counselor who is clinically trained to understand and diagnose mental health issues. Our process uses an intensive interview process to begin understanding the difficulties facing the client.

Intensive In-Home Services

Our In-Home Services are a time-limited mental health service for youth and their families. The goal of in-home services is to provide treatment in the least restrictive and most normative environment for the client. IIHS may include a range of mental health and supportive services with the main focus of improving the youth’s mental health issues and strengthening the family structures and supports.