About Us


We are a nationally accredited agency with our roots right here in the community. The mission of Advanced Placement BHHS, is to offer a comprehensive range of services and support designed to address the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and their family members by building on their strengths and capabilities. We strive to deliver a wide range of services and provide the best available to our clients.

Some of our services include individual and group therapy, substance abuse counseling, residential care with 24-hour supervision, community interaction, and many others. Each client’s treatment is individually structured to his or her specific needs.

We have an extensive, personalized, assessment process to determine precisely what services our clients need and would most benefit from. We put heavy emphasis on matching personalities when we pair our clients to our staff, to ensure their compatibility. We also take extra time to match our staff’s personal strengths to our clients’ needs.

At Advanced Placement we are committed to being the best Community Based Services provider in the area. We work hard to ensure that our attention to detail, professional accountability, and the amount of care we deliver puts us in that position. We also believe that our diligence and insistence on excellence will help us nurture and support Tomorrow’s Leaders.

View our complete mission statement here.